Sharp shooting pains near scar and breast tenderness 4 months post-op. What could this be?

This is my 4th surgery. I had my 1st surgery to correct asymmetry & sagging breasts, but a string of bad luck with double bubble & tangled strattice led me to a 4th surgery 4 months ago. The issue I am having now is my left breast is sore when I sit in certain positions and there are two parts of the scar line (under the fold, and at the armpit/side of breast) where I get shooting pains. I moved to another state but plan to see my doc in a few weeks. What could this be? Other breast is fine.

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Pain after surgery, especially in the area of a scar could just be nerves growing back.  This will hopefully improve with time.  If you are having chest pain with exertion or shortness or breath, then you should see your doctor immediately.

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