What is the safest way to get rid of my hollow under eyes? (Tear troughs) I think is the name. (photo)

I have had these hollow areas under my eyes since childhood (I will be 29 soon) and I'm looking for the safest way to get rid of them. Is there anything natural I can do, or is surgery my best option & most effective option?

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Tear trough restoration


You are a great candidate for Restylane eye filller. It is a quick almost painless procedure and the results last for at least a year, usually more. 

Best of luck,

Dr. M

New York Dermatologist
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Fillers for Tear Troughs

Dear lydriv:

Fillers like Teosyal Redensity II in the hands of an expert injector is an effective treatment that would help to soften up your tear troughs.  All the best.

Praven Chetty, MD
Kelowna Physician
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Tear troughs

Hello, and thanks for your question and photo. I do think you're a great candidate for placement of a hyaluronic acid filler in your tear trough (i.e., under eye) area. In this area I prefer Restylane or the newer Volbella, but there are other fillers that work well in this location. This is one of my favorite procedures to perform, as patients instantly look more rested and younger. In order to determine the best treatment plan for you, I recommend an in-person consultation with an expert. Best of luck, Dr. Frucht. 

Corey Frucht, MD, PhD
Santa Barbara Dermatologic Surgeon
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Tear troughs

A 'soft' filler like Restylane is an excellent choice for tear troughs.  A longer lasting, more "natural" alternative would be fat transfer.  Seek out a provider with expertise in injecting this delicate area of the face and discuss your options.  Good luck!

Suzan McGary, MD
Williamsport Thoracic Surgeon

Restylane for tear troughs

Restylane would likely be helpful to improve the appearance of the tear troughs.  This is a very common injection for me.  I prefer to use a microcannula instead of a needle for most of my injections in this area.  The microcannula reduces the risk for bruising or other side effects.  In expert hands, this is a safe, minimally-invasive procedure with little to no downtime.


Dr. Ort

Richard Ort, MD
Lone Tree Dermatologic Surgeon
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Tear troughs under eye hollows

Thank you for your question and photos. I do notice the area under your eyes to be slightly hollow which can be genetic (you are young) rather than aging. If you would like fuller area consider adding hyaluronic acid filler to more volume. The changes are subtle but downtime is minimal and risks are low to get a less tired and more refreshed look. Another option is tear trough implants which are good for the right candidate. Discuss the options with your surgeon. Good luck

Jeffrey Jumaily, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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