Is it safe and worthwhile to redo these veneers? (Photos)

I recently had 6 upper veneers placed on healthy but worn, asymmetric teeth. Dentist is AACD with excellent before & after work. Mine look very natural in certain lighting-especially outdoor lighting-but in certain conditions you can see a subtle angle/plane change at same spot there is an abrupt increase in translucency. Result is a gray line/border along the bottom 3rd of my incisors and a bending appearance. Dentist willing to redo but warns of risks. Is this result common? Afraid to do over.

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I sounds like your dentist is willing to redo your veneers. Your dentist made the incisal edge translucent to mimic a natural smile, but this can easily be changed with your new veneers. I would recommend discussing with your dentist exactly how you would like your new veneers to look. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Redoing Veneers

If you are currently unhappy with your veneers, get them redone.  This time, be very specific about what you are looking for.  Bring photos of what you like, and what you don't like and spend time with your dentist going over these things.  

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Is it safe and worthwhile to redo these veneers? (Photos)

If you are not happy with your porcelain veneers, then redo them. Your cosmetic dentist wanted to have translucency to mimic a more natural smile. Your dentist can easily order a less translucent brighter color, however your lower teeth will not match with the uppers, something to consider.
Just looking at your teeth, I highly recommend you also get a night guard regardless if you are going to redo your veneers or not!
As far as being safe, It is safe, but it is a lot of work for your dentist and time and cost for you.But at the end of the day you must be happy.
Good luck!

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