What are my options when I have gapped teeth but I'm NOT a candidate for orthodontics? (photos)

I could really use your help. According to several dentists, aside from a few cosmetic issues, I have a healthy mouth but I have multiple, large, gaps in my top teeth that I would love to close (and some whitening). I've been to four different orthodontists to try to get braces or Invisalign and have been told by all that I'm "not a candidate" for the procedures. Apparently braces will create new problems with my bite. So what can I do to improve my smile? Are there any affordable suggestions?

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Smile makeover

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It is true that our case will not be finished once you get out of orthodontics. Orthodontics will improve the way your teeth fit together and create more symmetry. After braces are removed you will still need veneers to completely close the gaps. I can't determine from your pictures if this is your correct bite or if you are just putting your jaw in a position for the pictures. It is possible but not ideal that you may be able to treat your case with veneers and leaving out the orthodontic step. Additional data is required to make this diagnosis. 

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