Open tummy tuck wound! How long until it heals approximately? (Photos)

I am 29 days post op TT and Lipo that i had done in the Dominican Republic ! 9 days after my tt and lipo my doctor had fo remove extra skin under my navel because it got black 6 days later after that on the 16th it started opening ! I flew to the states and yesterday went to the ER and an on call plastic surgeon assisted me! he did sharp debridement and packed my wounds with Wet saline gauze dressings . How long until this heals im very healthy non smoker and change dressings twice a day

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Open wounds

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Your wound looks ok clean now, if you continue with the proper care your wound will close without an issue is several weeks (6-8) and the most wonderful part will be that your results will still be there to enjoy.
Be encouraged. Remember this is a superficial issue which does not involve vital organs, no nothing to be panicked about.
Dr. Cardenas 

Dominican Republic Open tummy tuck wound! How long until it heals approximately? (Photos)

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Hi Chrisma14,

I am sorry to hear about you wound healing difficulties.  This is a difficult situation as I am sure you are now aware of the risks when opting to perform surgeries out of the country and away from your home...

Should you be my patient I would likely debride this area in the OR extensively washing out the wound and attempting to close the wound again secondarily.  This however would also require a course of post operative antibiotics and close monitoring so in this case I would not attempt this also overseas.

Although dressing changes are safe and effective way of closing the wound, It will likely take months for this area to heal and will leave you with a slight defect that will need to be revised regardless.

Warm regards, and best for a speedy recovery.

Warm Regards,

Dr Quinton Chivers

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