Nose very big due to prolonged swelling/scar tissue after 2nd rhinoplasty; is it pointless to hope for a better outcome safely?

Thick, oily skin. In 2nd rhino, surgeon debulked nose,elevated tip,removed old scar tissue, & augmented tip w/small Porex implant. Saw final "result" in wk 6 but was injured,causing the nose to experience prolonged, abnormal swelling. Now,1 yr post op, nose functional, but much bigger than pre-op nose. I only hoped for marginal improvement & feel I sabotaged good outcome w/injury. My surgeon & 1 rev. specialist said too dangerous/pointless to revise due to scar w/ each surgery.Do I have hope?

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That is an impossible question to answer in this forum. Even with photos, an examination and review of prior op notes would be important. Suffice it to say that each subsequent operation usually has "less to gain and more to lose". Hope? Yes. But proceed VERY cautiously and realistically. Good luck!

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Rhinoplasty revision

Without seeing you in person or at least photos posted, it is difficult to comment on potential success of further surgery. Best of luck.

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