Can I get the nose I want? (Photo)

30 yr old female looking for an excellent surgeon to perform a rhinoplasty. Would like to have my bridge built up and my nostrils minimized vertically and horizontally. In my opinion my right nostril is bigger than the left. Not really concerned with preserving my ethnic features...just want a new nose that fits me specifically and is suitable for MY face. Only want to have this surgery done once so need to make sure I find the right doctor the first time. Any response is appreciated. Thanks

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You show a variety of attractive women with unique and different noses. As compared to your nose, what they all have in common is a higher, leaner nasal bridge and diminished nostril width. The tip of their nose is more projected and the shape of the tip is narrower and more refined. To create these changes for you, cartilage grafts will be needed to both build up the nasal bridge and project the nasal tip. Osteotomies should be done to narrow the width of the nasal bones and an alar excision (alar-plasty) performed to diminish the width and curvature of the nostrils. Sutures should be used to bend, shape and refine your tip cartilages. Ultimately, the elasticity and thickness of your skin will have a significant effect on the final outcome. I recommend that you find an experienced surgeon in your area that is confident in the treatment of your type of nose. Meet with more than one surgeon and don't proceed until you are comfortable with your selection. Best wishes. 

Can I get the nose that I want

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The noses that you show have  certain delicacy to the tip afforded by relatively  thin skin. Your nasal skin is quite thick. Surgically , there is little to do about that other than add tip grafts to project the tip and decrease the roundness. Without a profile, I cannot say whether or not you need these grafts
Bridge height and some nostril flare can be modified but we cannot replicate what you desire

Realistic rhinoplasty expectations

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It is impossible to give someone else's nose to a patient. The existing building blocks of the nose including skin, cartilage and bone have to be manipulated in order to give a result which is customized for each individual patient. To  narrow a wide bridge requires osteotomies placed in the nasal bones. To build up a flat bridge requires cartilage grafting techniques added to the bridge line. To narrow a wide nasal tip requires a tip rhinoplasty with suture techniques applied to the lower lateral cartilages of the tip. To narrow wide nostrils requires an alar plasty, which involves removal of excess skin at the base of the nostrils.

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