My Face and Neck Are 3 Shades Darker, What Can I Do Bring Back Natural Skin Tone? (photo)

IDK how it happened but my face and neck has become a few shades darker and blotchier. I checked and no health issues. I used Retin A 0.025% daily. I use SPF 15 but will soon go up to 30 and up. I tried mild lactic peels.The derm I went to was medical and said it isn't melasma and didn't give me any products and said it's "Very common" in Black skin and just told me to use bleaching cream for 3 months, on week 2 and no results. I can't afford a cosmetics derm. What can I do?? Depressed:/

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The Skin of My Face and Neck are Darker, What Can I do?


The areas that you are concerned about are the areas that receive the most sun exposure.  For an  improvement of your pigmentation concerns I would suggest the following.

  1. Discontinue  the Retin-A
  2. Sun-Block, Sun-Block (at least SPF of 30) and apply every 4 hrs.
  3. Skin Beaching Cream (4% Hydroquinone)
  4. Wide Brimmed hat during prolonged sun exposure.

If you follow these guidelines you should expect a significant pigmentation reduction in these sun exposed areas. 


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