Do I have a micropenis? (Photo)

My penis has always been small..i even used to get teased at school. I always thought though that it would fact the opposite happened..when i was 15 i had an erect length of at 30 i have an erect length of 3.5inch on a good day, and under 1inch when flaccid. How small does it have to be to be a micropenis?

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There's a full spectrum

There is no solid definition for the term 'micropenis', in part because there is a lack of good information about what really is normal. Part of the issue is that the medical world has not standardized the collection of data when studying body structures like the penis. For example, at different temperatures the penis in any given man has a different length, yet I know of no study of the penis that has controlled for temperature when the study-subjects are being measured.

In your particular situation, it is likely that your penis is significantly camouflaged by a thick fat pad of the pubic mound. It is rare for a 15 year old to have significant fat beneath the pubic hair (except in cases of significant obesity), but it is very common for men of 30 to have an inch or more of fatty fullness (as i see in your photographs). As a result, you may well still have your original length, albeit hidden within the fat of the surrounding pubic mound.

Fortunately, there is a safe and effective procedure to address this. Micro-liposuction with fine cannulas and careful technique allow for better visualization of your assets! 

Over the past 20 years I have performed this technique on hundreds of men on an outpatient basis without a single significant complication, perhaps making it one of the safest genital procedures we do. Please realize that this does not actually enlarge the penis, but instead maximizes its visibility and functional length.

I hope to upload photographs soon and would be more than happy to answer any questions.

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