Is there anything that can be done to improve this scar and make it less noticeable? (photos)

.I've had it revised twice and multiple fraxel restore and repair treatments.I've have also had over 10 vbeam treatments and tried silicone sheets. The ends were "dog ears" and a doctor used a laser(Scarrfx) to remove them but now the area is worse. I've had several steroid injections to the ends of the car but they are still raised and now semi indented. The scar is 3 years old and the ends lasered 2 years go. It is on back of my shoulder. Is there anything I can do? I am willing to travel.

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Combination Hidef Scar Revision at Kare Plastic Surgery

Our office uses a Hidef Scar Revision Protocol that includes multiple laser therapies, topical treatments, IIT, and surgical scar treatments to help your scars.
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