Had implants 140 and 160 cc, as revised breast reconstruction following mastectomy with lat dorsal flap ten years ago. (photo)

I had surgery 11 days ago Two days ago , this lump/swelling appeared on the breast with 160cc implant (this was mastectomy and radiation site) The lump is not major discoloration and the area feels soft and swollen as opposed to the rest of the breast which still feels very hard. There is slight pain. Please advise if this is an isssue of concern or just simply swelling as per healing process. Photos attached Many thanks

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Soft tissue

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By your photo, I am guessing your implant position is below your lat flap. At that point your tissues look thinner. As you heal and the scar forms over the next month, it gradually softens over the next 2-3 months. At that time, the areas will soften and improve. Fat grafting can help provide thicker coverage and is covered by insurance plans.

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