I am one fill away from my exchange surgery and have a huge areola asymmetry problem (Photo)

This past 02/01 I had my preventive bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy with tissue expanders to prevent cancer. I have had 4 fills total so far but the issue is that unlike before the surgery I have a huge asymetry between my left and right areola. I want to make sure I research this well before the exchange surgery to fix it. What can be done? Is it fixable within the exchange surgery? Can you please advise a doctor in boston MA who can help with this?

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You look great

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Discuss the issues with your plastic surgeon. After mastectomy with immediate expander placement, asymmetry is common. When permanent implants are placed, a revision can minimze the differences in position and size. You have healed well and will look great when complete.

Dayton Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetry with tissue expanders.

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You do have some asymmetry that was preexisting  in your areolas.  It is being magnified by the asymmetric placement and filling of your tissue expanders.  Your expanders may also be over your muscle as well which is not typical.  When you undergo tissue expander exchange, many of your concerns about asymmetry can be addressed.  I would recommend sharing your concerns with your plastic surgeon to set your mind at ease.

Kelly Killeen, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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