Would a Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck Serve Me Better? (photo)

I was never obese but my belly has a lot of loose skin and stretch marks in the middle around my belly button. I would rather the fleur de lis tummy tuck if it would remove the stretch marks in the center and have a shorter horizontal scar just directly at my pubic line? Is this possible? Is this a good idea? also wanted to combine that with a breast lift. is there any progress reported about the fat transfer to the breast procedure being safer? can this be combined as a mommy make over? Thanks

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Tummy tuck, is the vertical scar worth it ?

In general, I will only recommend a vertical incision when (1) one exists so that I have a "barometer" as to how that incision will heal or (2) the skin excess is so significant that the improvement is worth any scar deformity.  For unknown reasons, vertical scars will almost always be more pigmented, thicker and therefore more obvious than the transverse incision.  I'd prefer to recommend a longer transverse scar rather thatn a fleur di lis most of the time.
Breast lift simultaneously works well most of the time.  For significant volumes, implants are the gold standard.  Fat grafting can be hit or miss, except for modest changes.  Often multiple procedures are necessary for larger volumes.

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Fleur-de-lis tummy tuck

The right operation for a person depends on a combination of factors:  her physical findings, her expectations, what risks she is willing to accept, and of course, the cost.  A standard tummy tuck removes extra skin and fat primarily from the lower abdomen.  Skin that had been located around the belly button is pulled very snugly down toward the pubic region.  In most cases that's all that's really needed.  Sometimes, however, the tissues remaining are still a bit loose in a side-to-side fashion as well.  In cases like this, where it is physically not possible to pull them any tighter in an up-and-down direction, removing the tissues in a side-to-side fashion may add a lot to the result.  This requires an incision in an up-and-down direction and results in a vertical scar in the midline of the abdomen.  Is this necessary for you?  It's hard to tell from your pictures.  I have found this operation to bring a very refined, tailored look to an abdomen, but it's not for everyone.  It creates a tighter result, maybe more definition of the waist, but adds a more visible scar.  It can increase the risk of problems with how the incision heals as well.  Regarding the breast surgery, there are some surgeons who do quite a bit of fat grafting when they do breast lifts.  I'm not one of those, but certainly it's a procedure that more and more surgeons are offering.  There are some risks with that, including fat dying and subsequently resulting in lumps that can be felt and maybe seen.  You should consider visiting with two or three surgeons who do a lot of body contouring surgery.  They'll offer their own opinions and should provide quite a bit of information.  Ultimately, though, the right operation for you will still come down to:  What result do you really want, what risks are you willing to accept, and how do the options fit into your finances?  From what I can see in your pictures, you have the potential to have a terrific result!

Kelly R. Kunkel, MD
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Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science

The vertical inverted "T" tummy tuck you refer to is used mostly for large weight loss patients. In my experience it is not necessary for a mommy makeover. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for advice on this matter and good luck.

Thomas A. Narsete, MD
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Tummy Tuck Options

I wouldn't recommend a Fleur-de-lis technique in your case. I think a traditional abdominoplasty will give you an excellent result and you will not have the significant scars around the belly button which would more than likely be much worse than any stretch marks that you have. Talk to a board certified (ABPS) plastic surgeon with experience in tummy tucks. You'll get good advice from him or her.

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Fleur de Lis vs Tummy Tuck in Mommy Makeover

The fleur de lis involves a long vertical scar, which you want to avoid.  A traditional horizontal scar will give a similar result without both a vertical and a horizontal scar.  Most plastic surgeons would still recommend implants over fat grafting.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Many Options

Based on your photos you would benefit from a breast lift with augmentation. Fat transfer works very well but is still controversial.  A traditional abdominoplasty should work well and completely avoid the vertical incision.  In an inverted T tummy tuck, the T usually extends above the belly button.  Hope this helps. All the best.

George Bitar, MD
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Tummy Tuck would work

Hello 87not,

Hard to really tell from the pics. I would recommend to have them taken again with better lighting. However, from what I can see a Tummy Tuck would give you a flatter abdomen and remove the excess skin. When you stretch the skin tight the appearance of the stretch marks will improve. On other thing that can be done is to have the TT, then after your recovery you can have a Fraxel laser treatment to help the appearance of the stretch marks. I would recommend this over a larger vertical scar.

In regards to the fat grafting to the breast, it is being utilized more often for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction and it is safe. However, due to the degree of ptosis or drooping of your breasts you would need multiple procedures to begin to correct the ptosis and loss of volume. Depending on the size of breasts that you desire an augmentation +/- mastopexy in my opinion is best.


Best of Luck.

Arturo H. Armenta, MD
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Stretch Marks Around The Belly Button

A fleur-de-lis tummy tuck, by nature, has a complete top to bottom midline scar, a (usually pretty long) horizontal scar at the lower abdomen and a scar near or under the breasts.  It is designed as a trade-off of more scars for a better contour.  The lines you have drawn are probably a compromise and may not take you to the result that you are looking for.

A breast lift might be possible at the same time if your health is good and your risk factors are low.  You will be laid up for a couple of weeks so you need to have a lot of help at home to make your recovery a success.

I suggest you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss all your options so you can weigh the benefits against the risks and probable outcomes.  An in-person exam will help you and your surgeon chose the most appropriate plan.  Good luck!

Deborah Ekstrom, MD
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