When does most of the fat loss occur?

I just had a BBL. 1200 was injected back into my butt and hips. Is part of the swelling calculated into the loss? My butt already looks a lot smaller than the first day which is good but now I'm worried about the rest. Any help please

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Usually be about 6 weeks you get a rough idea of the final result. Yes, there still will be some swelling, but the majority will be gone.

Results with a BBL

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It will take about three months for you to see your final outcome and size after a fat transfer procedure. The final volume that survives depends entirely on your surgeons' technique of harvesting the fat, processing the fat and injecting the fat. Most patients will lose anywhere from 30-50% of the injected volume. If you have any concerns ask your plastic surgeon about details of your specific case.
Best wishes,Dr.Bruno

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