One eye is suddenly smaller than the other, what could be wrong? (photo)

I've noticed during the past few months that my right eye is getting much smaller than the left one. It has gotten worse as the months go on. Now I'm starting to get a little worried. What could it possibly be? I wear contacts if that makes any difference

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Why is one eyelid become droopy?

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Thank you for the question. Your eyelid might be drooping (ptotic) due to contact lens use. Sometime the eyelid drops for no apparent reason and other times it can fall because of a medical condition. You should have comprehensive evaluation by an Oculoplastic Surgeon.  Good luck,

One eye is smaller

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While I have not examined you or seen you in person or looked at old photographs of you I can only answer this  in the general sense. I do see asymmetry from your photo and orbital issues should first be ruled out. You should seek out  A qualified oculoplastic surgeon who could first take measurements to see if you are either proptotic (bulging) on the left or enophthalmic (sunken in) on the right.  Then once established causes should be ruled out and imaging studies could be warranted.  If not an orbital problem maybe your left lower eyelid is malpositiined. A proper ophthalmic and orbital exam should be performed on you if you believe this asymmetry is a recent phenomena.

Robert Schwarcz, MD
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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