Need to Downsize/revision with Capsullorhaphy and Need to Seek Additional Consultations? (photo)

I have 400cc implants & would like to downsize to just fill out my preop breasts. Im a DDD now and WAY too large. I am seeking a few consultations including my current surgeon but he wants me to choose size. I want to go down to about 150-175cc. I live in MA but am willing to travel. I am fairly certain I will need a capsullorhaphy but no lift.I attached my current, preop and desired, in that order. I want to switch to SALINE-worryfree. Can you PLEASE give me a price range all included.

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It is up to you to contact a doctor yourself; we do not allow self-promotion on our site. Here is a link the board certified doctors in your are who are qualified to perform Breast Implant Revision, and a link the average cost reported by our community members.

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Concerns about Downsizing of Breast Implants and Capsulorrhaphy?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

 Overall, I think you have a good plan;   downsizing of breast implants and capsulorraphy will likely achieve your goals ( based on viewing your goal pictures). I do not think that breast lifting will be necessary.

 I also think that your plan regarding the  approximately 150 mL downsize makes sense. In my practice, I would make the decision about the appropriate size/profile of breast implant during surgery, after performing the capsulorraphy.  In my opinion,  this will allow for the most accurate method of selecting the  best breast implant size/profile to achieve your goals.  As you know, very careful preoperative communication with  your plastic surgeon will be critical as you plan the procedure.

 I hope this helps.

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Sorry that you don't like the size, because it looks otherwise like a nice result.

The goal photos you sent are indeed small and hard to evaluate. The breast size looks pretty close to your pre-op size, at least on the right, so you will be bigger that that by about a cup size with a 200 cc implant. 

I cannot see the scars but I am quite certain the patient in the after photo had a breast lift, and it may be that you will need one also if your skin elasticity is inadequate--an in-person exam would help sort through the options. You might need a capsullorhaphy, especially if the lateral displacement bothers you. 

As far as costs, the RealSelf average looks reasonable, though the cost would be higher if a lift is necessary. I might add that many surgeons would not agree that saline implants are worry-free. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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