Will Cyst or Fat Necrosis Removal Cause Asymmetry?

I had fat trasnfer and implanst to my breasts. My R breast was always smaller and wasn't corrected during fat transfer & same size implants were used. I didnt want a larger implant but did expect more fat to go in the smaller breast but when I woke up fromsurgery it was the same. I have accepted the difference in size but I don't want it to get more asymmetric-now several hard lumps developed in my R breast and determined to be fat necrosis or cysts. If I remove them, will my R breast get even smaller??

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Will Cyst or Fat Necrosis Removal Cause Asymmetry?

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Depending on the size of the lumps to be removed, that breast will be smaller. Choices for better symmetry will be more fat grafting, which sounds like not a great idea given the current complication, or larger implant, probably best done at another setting. 

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Fat necrosis removal , asymmetry

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There is a high possibility , depending on the size of the cysts and the amount to be removed  , that your breast will look smaller . Since it is already smaller , i think  you will probably need a larger implant placed in that breast in order to achieve symmetry ( or close to it ) .

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Katherine Feliz Camilo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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