Does Capsullorhaphy Make Your Breast Square?

Basic question - when you need to tighten the pocket on all sides of your breast, will your breast look square?

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Capsulorapphy is a Work in Progress.

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Capsulorapphy essentially means adjusting  the shape, volume and confines of the capsule that has formed around your breast implant as your body heals after breast augmentation.  Each person's tendency to form a capsule is somewhat unique, but it is generally a thin sheath of pliable tissue.  This capsule can be adjusted with sutures in a revisionary procedure to adjust the position of an implant.  Slight overcorrection is often necessary as some relaxation of the sutures and tissues occur postoperatively.  This can cause temporary visibility of suture dimples and shape alteration in some cases. The severity of the malposition issue and the paucity of breast tissue can also affect these findings.  I would encourage you to be patient and to discuss your concerns further with your surgeon.  In the vast majority of cases the procedure is very effective in addressing the primary problem.

Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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Does #Capsulorrhaphy Make Your Breast Square? ANS:

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Capsulorrhaphy can be a very challenging procedure and it can give a little indented look at first and also be very tender on occasion. But usually the pocket is sutured in more of a curve than a square, but again, if there is a little flat spot on one of the sides, it is not unusual and usually gets better with time.

John J. Corey, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Capsulorrhaphy and square breasts

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A capsulorrhaphy should not give you what I call Sponge Bob Square breasts!  They should be rounded. Sometimes in double bubble issues they can look a bit angulated at the point where the fold may perhaps have to be reefed up, but that usually settles.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Does Capsullorhaphy Make Your Breast Square?

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No, it should not alter the breast shape. It should allow for better positioning of an implant that is not properly centered. The procedure usually overcorrects to allow for some loss of correction, so don't expect perfect symmetry when you come out of surgery. You may also see some indents from the sutures especially if you are thin. Please discuss all this with your surgeon. Thanks and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Capsulorrhaphy should serve the needs of the shape, size, and position of the capsular pocket. It does not, in and of itself, produce a specific shape. Your surgeon should use various techniques to manipulate the capsule (i.e. capsulorrhaphy) to create a desired effect.

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Capsulorrhaphy should not make the breast square

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Reducing or shaping the capsule, capsulorrhaphy, should not make the breast appear square. Though there might be some temporary dents or imperfections, the result will be smooth and round over time.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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What does a capsulorrhaphy do?

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This is a good question. The goal of a capsulorrhaphy it to tighten the capsule which is the scar that surrounds your breast implant. By and large the capsulorrhaphy is used to make the implant sit more appropriately under the  breast tissue centered under the nipple. I used a permanent suture to achieve this but there are other techniques as well. I always inform my patients that capsulorrhaphy can cause initially a change in breast shape but it is expected to round out over time and healing. The reason for this is a bit of over-correction expected the tissues to relax. Discuss your concerns with your board-certified plastic surgeon.

I hope this helps.

Dr Edwards

Capsulorrhaphy and Resulting Breast Shape?

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Thank you for the question.

No, capsulorraphy does not necessarily make the breasts look “square”. Much of the appearance of the breasts will depend on the quantity/quality of the overlying tissues as well as the quality of the capsulorraphy  performed.  For more precise advise,  consult with well experienced plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience with this type of revisionary breast surgery.

Best wishes.

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