What if You Need Capsulectomy After Capsullorhaphy?

I asked this before but was not clear enough. If you received a capsullorhaphy years prior and now want to remove breast implants for good and need a Capsulectomy or prefer to remove the capsule instead of leave it, would the surgeon have luck in doing this since the capsule was sutured down permanently before? Breast cancer runs in the fam and I read research that states capsules MAY stay in the breast and cause false or hard reading on a mammon. Also can collect fluid/infections occasionally.

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Capsulectomy after capsulorrhaphy

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Yes, a casulectomy can be done following capsulorrhapy in most instances. Your surgeon will have to use his or her best judgement at the time of surgery deciding whether to take it all or leave some behind. Good luck.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Capsulectomy after removal of implants

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The capsule can usually be removed with the implant when explantation is performed. Sometimes part of the capsule wall has to be left because of its adherence to the chest or because the tissues are too thin.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Capsulectomy after Previous Capsulorrhaphy?

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Generally speaking,  capsulorraphy can be done effectively and safely for patients who have undergone previous capsulorrhaphy.

 Hope this helps

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