Birthmark removal options on hands? (Photo)

I have 6 birthmarks in total located on my left and right hands that I'd like to have checked out and (hopefully removed). They're all dark in color. Some I've had since birth (my thumb) while others have grown/popped up more recently. I have no pain. They're not raised bumps. I'd like to get some opinions/cost estimates to get these removed. What would my downtime look like, chance of them being cancerous etc.

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Moles vs birthmarks

These are moles. Shave excision may decrease some of these lesions. You really do need to see a plastic or dermatologist for an examination and discussion of the procedure. Some can be shaved, others are best observed. Excision can also be performed but not advisable. Laser don't usually work for these type of moles. Dr Davin Lim, Brisbane, Australia. 

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