Are these BBL & IPL & CO2 treatments something you can have if you are still going to be in the sun sometimes?

I'm trying to figure out the differences of IPL, BBL, CO2 and so many of these Laser treatments. I have sundamaged skin in my early 50's and spend hours on this site trying to decide which seems best. Are any of these even an option if you are still going to get some sun?

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BBL, IPL, CO2, Fraxel Laser and sun

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All of these lasers require strict sun avoidance and sunscreens after the procedure.  If you are careful and avoid the sun the dun damage that you are treating will not return.  If you decide go back in the sun, the sun damage will come back.  It's best to consult an expert in lasers for the best cosmetic advice.  Best, Dr. Green

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