Should I get BA now or after children?

I have been seeing doctors and wanting to do this BA forever! But as time approaches and I finalize my decision I keep second guessing myself. My worry is getting the BA now and I have no children, then having children and having them grow and sag after breastfeedig and such.. Should I do the breast aug. Now or wait for after children? Will they still be perky and not saggy if I do it now and have kids?

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Breast augment before or after childbirth

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This is an instance where one size does not fit all.  If you are married or contemplating children in the next year or so, then waiting would not be unreasonable.  However, if you aren't at that stage, then there is no reason to delay surgery for something that may be hypothetical.  Perkiness depends on a lot of factors including genetics, weight gain and how the pregnancy affects your breast size.  It is normal to second guess yourself before cosmetic surgery. 

You pick the time

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Breasts change over time, as you age they get smaller and sag. Having children also can speed up the sagging, no matter when you do the augmentation, they will change over time. With implants you can nurse your child. I do many implants way before women have their children, the choice is yours.

Breast Aug before or after children

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The answer to this question is not direct.  The key is to understand your expectations and goals for both the long and short term.  If you want to have the increase in volume now, then you must be well aware that there is high likelihood that you may need future surgery to maintain your aesthetic goals after childbirth.  Ideally, it would benefit you to wait and have children and then have breast surgery performed.  Another key to understand is that breast implants typically do not last forever, and most women will need some sort of repeat surgery in the future. Your surgeon can help you with the decision, but it is completely up to you.  Just make sure you are comfortable with your decision and that you have been well informed.  

Good Luck, 

Gaurav Bharti

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Breast augmentation before or after having children

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Thank you for your question.  I concur that if you are planning to have children in the next year or 2 and is beneficial to wait until after pregnancy to have a breast augmentation.

  However since she wanted breast augmentation for years, If you are uncertain as to whether you will have children or if you're decision may be delayed further up to 5 years there is no reason not to have a breast augmentation now.  If you do not gain excessive amount of weight during pregnancy at your breasts do not enlarge more than the normal amount your breast may be perfectly fine with implants after pregnancy.  If your breasts to lose volume and sags significantly there is no reason you can have a lift with breast implants in place.  In fact many feel that is best to do a breast lift after augmentation.

Should I get BA now or after children?

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My usual recommendation to patients in your situation is to time their plans for breast augmentation surgery carefully, in accordance with their life circumstances. If they are planning on having children in the “near future”, best to wait on having the breast surgery performed. Many patients define this "near future” as being within the next 1 to 2 years. If on the other hand, pregnancies are planned in the more distant future, then it makes more sense to proceed with breast surgery now. Of course, no one can predct exactly how your breasts will change after pregnancy  and whether additional surgery will be necessary/beneficial or not at that point.
I hope this helps.

Breast aug

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Thank you for the question.

I would suggest to wait after pregnancy and breast feeding, although this procedure does not affect either or it would be the best results to get your new ones after.

Dr. Campos

Breast augmentation before or after pregnancy

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Thank you for the question as this is a very important discussion to have with the plastic surgeon who has examined you. In general, this has a lot to do with the ratio of breast tissue to your new implants in your body as well as the current condition of your breast and location of the nipple areolar complex. The majority of the breast augmentations performed is in women before pregnancy with minimal change after pregnancy. 

Breast Augmentation and Having Children

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  • When contemplating the timing of a breast augmentation operation and pregnancies, the choice is really up to each individual woman.  Pregnancies and breast feeding can cause the breasts to change shape and sometimes lose volume.  Additionally, weight gain/loss and pregnancies may affect how much ptosis (droopiness or sagging) breasts have.  
  • If you are contemplating pregnancy in the near future, then waiting to have your breast augmentation at a later date makes sense.   However, if the prospects of a pregnancy are in the distant future, then there really isn't any reason to wait. 
  • After having a breast augmentation, some women will find that years down the road, their breasts may developep ptosis (become saggy), and this would be a reason to undergo a breast lift at some point.  One can't say for sure whether or not you will develop ptosis or "stay perky" after having kids.  
  • Best of luck to you! 

Breast augmentation before children

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Dear Tuberousnightmare, There is no way to determine how your breast will react to pregnancy and breast feeding. For some women there is little change. For others there is loss of volume and sagging. If you are considering having children in the next few years I would hold off on the BA.

Breast implants

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Your question is a very common one and can only be answered by you. I would say that there are a few important things to consider that you may be wondering about. Number one is that breast Imamate are safe with breast feeding and silicone does not get into breast milk. The other thing is that your chances of successful breast feeding do not change with implants. Breasts do change with pregnancy, but it depends on the person. If you want breast implants you should consider how it fits into your lifestyle. The risk is that you may need a lift or revision if your rests have drastic changes from pregnant, but usually that's not the case. Talk it over with your significant other and think about te timing based on the above information. I'm sure you will be happy either way you choose.

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