Arm lift and lipo. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've been considering an arm lift for many years now.Overweight as a teenager and have excess skin and stretch marks.I am 31 years old and in pretty good shape.I have worked out my arms and nothing has helped.I looked into getting Sculpsure on my arms but am concerned it will be a waste of money.I am a full-time hairdresser and it is hard for me to take more than 2 to 3 weeks off at a time.Could I moderately go back to work and still be able to perform a haircut, shampoo and hold the blow dryer?

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Hi,Thank you for your question regarding arm liposuction versus an arm lift or brachioplasty.  In addition, thank you for your history and pictures.  Based on your history of weight loss, pictures, and the presence of stretch marks, I would suggest a full arm lift or brachioplasty. Your stretch marks may indicate that your skin lacks the ability to contract significantly. Even if you had VASER arm liposuction, I do not believe your skin would contract.  I think you would be left with hanging arm skin.  From your pictures, you have excess arm skin and fat to your elbows.  You need a full arm lift. A full arm lift or brachioplasty involves arm liposuction to remove arm fat and skin excision to remove excess arm skin.  An arm lift takes about three hours to complete under general anesthesia.  After an arm lift, the recovery period is about two weeks.   I have several hairdressers in my practice.  Two weeks after their arm surgery, they have been able to return to full work as a hairdresser.  Thank you for your question about an arm lift versus arm liposuction. It is a big decision, but an arm lift will deliver permanent, dependable, long lasting results.   If you have any other questions about an arm lift, brachioplasty, or arm liposuction, please call my office. Sincerely,Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

Arm lift versus lipo?

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Thanks for sharing your photos and these questions about arm lift. In your photos, I see a lot of hanging excess skin. Arm lift surgery usually creates very dramatic changes for excess skin in the arms. I believe there's enough skin excess for a good arm lift and lipo, or the mini technique will not take care of all your excess. I usually perform the posterior arm lift technique, which places the incision in the back of the arm, and not in the front. This makes the incision more acceptable. You can see the results of the arm technique I use in the photo link below. It is very difficult to see the incision from the front. The recovery for arm lift is less than two weeks to return to work, but 4 weeks to go back to the gym. I would have to confirm what your photos show by doing a full examination. We offer free consultations for arm lift. Best, Dr. ALDO

Arm lift and lipo. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for your question.  Based on your photos, it appears that you have minimal skin excess at your arms.  Liposuction with a limited scar arm lift might be a reasonable option.  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

Arm lift will correct your concern.

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From your photos you appear to be in excellent shape with minimal amounts of skin on your posterior upper arm.  While only an in person examination can tell for sure, it appears to correct your area of excess skin, the incision length would be shorter than usual.  Only 7-10 days would be needed for you to heal before returning to work.  You are correct that the non invasive skin tightening devices offer minimal improvement at best.  If they gave excellent results, all plastic surgeons would use them.

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