A Surgeon Experienced in Tip Rhinoplasty, New England Area? (photo)

I am looking for a recommendation,hoping to get help here.I have a relatively small nose, with nice bridge, good length and width for my face, but the tip is too round, large and upturned.I don't mind it being upturned, but would like to have the tip smaller and more refined, and to also fix my slightly deviated septum.I live in the Boston area. Do you have any recommendations for the surgeons in the area who have a lot of experience with this kind of procedure? Thanks!

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Tip Rhinoplasty

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Modification of the nasal tip is part of almost every rhinoplasty.  Often, with large cartilages and thick skin, it is a matter of giving the tip more definition. At the link I provided below, I gave you a number of examples.  Some you may like,and some you may not like.  All these patients are very happy. I would be happy to see you.

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