I'm a 35 y/o male looking for info about Pectoral implants for pectus carinatum? (Photos)

I have Pectus carinatum also called pigeon chest and I thought that the only solution to this condition was "the standard surgery" which would leave a huge scar in the middle of my chest. But recently I read online that some guys were using pectoral implants to minimize the appearance of the deformity. I couldn't find any pic online of before and after. Can anybody tell me if the results are worth pursuing such a surgery? Many thanks

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Pectoral and Sternal Implants

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Ideally  what would be helpful is a combination of pectoral implants combined with a sternal implant. Together these would create better chest shape with less of deep sternal depression in the middle. It is also possible that pectoral implants alone may also be adequate.

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