2.5 week post op complications - will it get better with time? (photos)

When I went in to remove my stitches, the surgeon noticed the L crease was not as deep and would form a triple lid with easy manipulation. I underwent another quick surgery then where he resutured the L lid to make a deeper crease. Hence my L eye is more swollen in these pics. My concern now is that I can still "create" a triple lid sometimes. There's also a hard scar on the inner corner of L eye that's affecting the shape of the crease. Will these two issues resolve so my eyes look the same?

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Time Heals All Things, Including Swollen U

One of the great paradoxes of plastic surgery is that patients examine their postoperative results roar intensely at precisely that time point when it is most difficult to properly evaluate the result: i.e., the immediate postoperative period.  With the amount of swelling that you have in your left upper eyelid, I have no doubt you can make a triple eyelid appear. With the proper manipulation, you could probably make a quadruple eyelid.

However, what is most important is how the swollen and elevated upper eyelid skin settles and redrapes, and it will be many weeks for you to be able to see this. In all likelihood, things will be substantially improved from what you see now, and I believe that in the interim you should shift your focus elsewhere, and just allow yourself time to heal.

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2.5 weeks post op Asian eyelid surgery

For sure things will improve as the weeks and months go by. It is a little asymmetric I will admit but there's a good chance that the connective tissue beneath the incision line Will relax and the crease for fall into a better position. Asian eyelid surgery is challenging and asymmetry when healing is very common. I think long term you might expect some small asymmetry but hopefully nothing too noticeable. Many of my own patients have asymmetry when they are healing and they tend to do just fine. I do however touch up about 2% amount surgeries and I think that the possibility of revisions is always present and patient should understand that and so should their surgeons.

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