Should I Go Up to 0.5 Retin A to Brighten my Skin?

I currently use 0.025% Retin A but my face and neck are about 2 shads darker than my chest, arms,etc. If I go up to Retin 0.5%, would that help brighten and even my skin tone? I have Brown skin, no acne, 25 y.o. I currently use Vitamin C in the AM and bleacher on the neck and on the outside perimeter of face but so far no improvement...

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If you tolerate the 0.025% well, you can definitely go up to 0.05%.  Consider Hydroquinone 4% to your regimen.  You will have to get that through your medical provider.  Have patience.  It can take 4-8 weeks to see positive results. 

Good luck.


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