Tummy tuck recovery. How mobile can I be and how much personal care assistance do I need?

I'm having a drainles TT w upper ab lipo and MR. I am planning to stay near my surgeons office for the first 4 days Postop. Returning home on day 5, how mobile can I be and how much personal care assistance do i need? I can get help for myself and my three small children but I'm wondering HOW much help I'll need for myself by that point? Do I need help for waking hours/bathroom needs/getting around or do I just need it for a portion of the day showering, laundry, cooking, groceries, driving?

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Tummy tuck recovery

Thank you for your question. I advise all my patients to have someone who can help them around the house for the first two weeks. By a week you should be able to move around pretty well. You might sleep and sit in a slightly flexed position. At a week you just need someone there to help you change positions, get in and out of bed. Most other activities you should be able to do by yourself - it is more assistance with mobility and to help you carry/get things. You will likely feel more tired than usual and take more naps. This is completely normal after this operation. Most of my patients are back to their normal activities by week 4. Hope this helps


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