Is revision going to help my nose tip? (photos)

3 months ago I had a big nose reduction as you can see from a pic (upper row is before, lower - after). Meanwhile the profile of my nose has improved, a surgeon did a terrible job with my tip. The bridge is wider than before, nostrils are uneven and tip is hanging. My surgeon said he didn't remove any tissue excess. I believe the tip looks so bad mostly because of tissue excess. Would revision be very complicated? I would like my nose to be less wide, more even on both sides and with upper tip.

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Revision rhinoplasty for nasal tip work

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It appears from your photographs that your tip of the nose might have lost some of its tip support with the original rhinoplasty or possibly you have built up a lot of scar tissue in that area. It is prudent to wait at least one year after your original procedure before considering revision surgery either with your original surgeon or another surgeon. I would make sure if you get a revision that you see a board certified facial plastic surgeon for his/her advice. It is possible that you are early out and your nose might continue to improve. I would discuss your concerns with your treating surgeon.

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Will Revision Help My Tip?

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Just 3 months after your surgery it is impossible for you to evaluate your results. Wait another 6-7 months before considering additional surgery which can be done if you're not satisfied.

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Is revision going to help my nose tip?

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Even though- you're early post-op, evaluation your pre-op photos- my vision for your post-op result is not close to what you have now. I would like to see a much more refined and elegant nose on your face. In order to achieve this - you need a very experienced Board Certified PS to implement that plan

Is revision Rhinoplasty going to help my nose tip?

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There are many factors that go into making a decision about revising the nasal tip. Patients who have thick skin are poor candidates for a revision rhinoplasty. Since it is only been three months, full healing has not occurred yet. Steroid shots and taping may be of some benefit. Revision rhinoplasty is always more complicated than a primary rhinoplasty.

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