Restylane rip off? (Photo)

Paid $800 for filler in my upper lip and I am not happy. It was performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon by the way. As you can see, my lip only protrudes outward and has no fullness in extending margins of my lips a la Kylie Jenner. What do I make clearer to my ps next time? this was a complete waste of money.

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Lip injecction

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Lip injections are very difficult to obtain what exactly the patient wants as it is difficult to shape them and fill them which is why I do it with a mirror and the patient helping. Restylane is probably not the best filler for the lips, but it can be used.  Also remember that just because someone is a board certified plastic surgeon does not mean he has the experience with this type of situation.  I am sure you were not intentionally ripped off so go back and sit down and talk to him and show him what you want and go from there

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Lip Augmentation

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Lips are like balloons. They are full during the peak of puberty and begin to decrease as hormones decrease. If you never had full Kylie jenner lips, you will never have them. When you purchase a vial of filler, that is what you are purchasing. It is not a rip off if you wanted them to be fuller than what one vial provided. If you want more volume you have to receive more filler. Since your lip has its own unique shape and makeup, if you put too much in, you may find the lips may look funny.

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Restylane rip off?

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Appears as a ok result. But your needs understand realistic expectations and the need for additional syringes is paramount!. A before photo would be helpful to compare.

Lip filler

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Agree with the comments below.  You should follow up with your PS and let them know that you are unhappy with the results and not quite what you were expecting.  I, personally, haven't found restylane to be a great when wanting volume - its great for lip definition and to improve hydration (silk as well), but for volume certainly juvederm ultra plus is a much better product.  When going big, I like juvederm.  But also remember, the lips should fit your face.  KJ's facial frame allows for her lip aesthetics to be so.  Best of luck. 

Miguel Mascaro, MD
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Unhappy with lip filler....

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Thank you for your question.  If you are unhappy with your filler you should follow up with your board certified Derm/PS and discuss with them your concerns.  If you are looking for more volume in your lips you can discuss using a thicker filler like Juvederm Ultra Plus or even Voluma.  We have had great success with Voluma in the lips for people wanting to go BIG!  Regards, Dr. Matt Elias

Matthew Elias, DO, FAAD
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Lip filler injection

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I would discuss your results with your injector. Different fillers can be used on the lips. The filler can be injected into the body of the lips, into the border of the lips, or both. Injection along the border will help give an outward roll to the lips, which seems to be what you are looking. I would explain this to your injector. Belotero and Juvederm are my preferred fillers for the lips although in the proper hands, Restylane works just as well. 

Unsatisfactory results with Restylane in upper lip

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Thank you for sharing your problem. Without seeing before photos, it is difficult to fully evaluate the situation. You might need a thicker filler (Lyft) or one which rolls the edges of the lip more (Silk). See your doctor in person for post treatment evaluation. 
Good luck,

Resytlane Rip-Off?

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Sorry you didn't have the experience you expected. A before picture of your lips would really help to compare your baseline appearance to your current appearance. Don't get discouraged. Your lips look natural. You're now likely comparing your upper lip to your lower lip, since the lower lip did not have any injections and therefore you're more aware of the projection.

Also, if you study KJ's lips, you'll notice she uses make-up beyond the natural borders of her lips, even with her filler in. You can tell because her lip shape looks different in different pictures. Sometimes she plays up her lips, especially her upper lip, and at other times she just relies on the filler (no make-up/nude make-up/clear lip gloss) and her upper lip doesn't look as full. Also, her lips definitely protrude more now that she's had filler...way more!

Rstyalane Result

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One piece of advice: I am sure that your Plastic Surgeon wasn't trying to rip you off but Restylane may not have been the optimal filler for you. Restylane is a great filler in the right circumstance, depending on the individual's starting anatomy.  If you are looking for a Kylie Jenner type result (which is a good idea for some patients and a bad one for others), I would suggest that you try Juvederm Ultra or Juvederm Ultra Plus which are more hydrophilic.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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