Eyebrows missing hair, will it grow back? (Photo)

Hello I'm doing Skin Tightening/Collagen Facial treatment and the imbecile esthetician took a big piece of my eyebrow out - see photo. What should I do to grow faster? Also would the hair grow like before? What about the thickness of the hair when growing back? Pls help

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Growing faster

time will tell if the hair will grow back or not. It depends on what skin tightening or facial treatment was used and if there was a laser or not, you didn't specify. Some treatments can cause damage to the hair bulb and the hair may not grow back, or grow back considerably thinner. It will take at least 6 months to see if the hair will grow back and if it will grow at the same thickness. 

Chicago Physician

Eyebrow missing

You report that you lost your eyebrow from skin tightening procedure. Wait about 8 months and if it does not come back, then you might consider eyebrow transplant

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