Am I qualified for Invisalign? (Photo)

Also, my wisdom teeth have not came in yet. Would I have to get them taken out before Invisalign? It could I wait?

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Invisalign suitability

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Hi, based on the photos you have provided you should be able to get your teeth straightened and aligned with Invisalign. I would suggest you to see a dentist with a good long term experience of Invisalign to get some proper photos done and evaluate. You have a wonderful smile and I am sure it can be made better.

Fine for Invisalign

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Based on the pictures you submitted, you look like you would be and Invisalign candidate. You would most likely not need to have your wisdom teeth removed before any orthodontic therapy using Invisalign. You should go visit certified Invisalign provider for an evaluation. Good luck with your smile!

Yes you are qualified for invisalign

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As for taking out wisdom teeth before orthodontic tx, it depends on the case.  For a lot of cases, you do not need to take the wisdom teeth out.  However, if you need to move the posterior teeth back, then taking out the wisdom might be needed or recommended.  Beside the alignment issues, your teeth look fine.  I would discourage you from having any dentist cut your teeth to fix crowding unless there are active caries, especially at your age.

Jean-Paul Banh, DDS
Federal Way Dentist

Wisdom teeth not in yet ... #DrSarahThompson

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Your teeth should be fine before and after your wisdom teeth erupt.  It is not necessary, to wait for your wisdom teeth to come in, simply because not everyone's wisdom teeth actually erupt.  Some are impacted.  Either way, as long as you wear your aligners and then your retainer after your Invisalign is completed, you should be fine.  You may want to consider veneers instead, since the process is so fast and would probably cost you a bout the same, based on the number of teeth that you show in your smile line.  I've included a link to young man that wanted Invisalign, but decided to get 6 veneers instead.  He was extremely pleased with the results.  I hope this helps.  Click the save button below my name in order to ask me more questions in the future.

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