I'm 40 years old and had hysterectomy 12 yrs ago. Lipo or tummy tuck? (photo)

40 yo, 2 vaginal births, hysterectomy 12 yrs ago, no daily ends, no health issues other than 39 BMI 5'5, 245Live in Louisiana, willing to travel. Only $3k to spend, looking to have done next month

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Lipo or tummy tuck?

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Tummy tuck after weight loss would offer the best result. Liposuction may be utilized as well.

Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of tummy tuck procedures each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Skin Overhang Needs A Tummy Tuck

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Your pictures demonstrate that a tummy tuck is the only operation to consider. Liposuction would be a complete waste of money.

Tummy tuck for sure

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I think a tummy tuck for sure would be the way to go - in conjunction with some liposuction, whenever you are ready for your surgery. Make sure you seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to be evaluated is my strongest recommendation. Any efforts that you can make with increased fitness and some weight loss before surgery would also be helpful to your final result. I also think that the budget you mention is probably not realistic for a tummy tuck done by a plastic surgeon. Don't get in a hurry to do an elective procedure if you need more time to prepare for it. This gives you a goal to work towards. Get it done the right way by a qualified plastic surgeon when you're able. I hope this helps!

A tummy tuck would be better

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In answer to your question, if those are your photos, than an tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) would be much better.

Best regards,

Dr. Lane F. Smith

Tummy tuck?

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given the photos and your bmi ultimately a tummy tuck is the way to go. This is more expensive but will give you a much more favorable result. For a safe tummy tuck procedure I would make you reach a bmi of 35 or less first. Good luck

Tummy tuck vs lipo

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You definitely are a tummy tuck candidate vs a lipo candidate. That being said, you will probably need to spend close to $10k for a tummy tuck and to get the best result you should get your BMI to less than 30. Best of luck.

Lipo or tummy tuck?

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Thanks for the question, the thorough info and the very good photos. Unfortunately, you are not ready for either operation and would do best to put the money aside in a surgery account for later. The lipo would be a total waste and is not in consideration as a stand alone procedure, although it will probably be necessary when you get to the tummy tuck. Based on BMI you will need to get your weight down to or under 175#. I am sure you can find someone (but it is very unlikely it would be a qualified plastic surgeon) to operate on you. Believe me, that would not be in your best interest. Our goal as plastic surgeon's is to get the results you want in a safe manner.

Lipo or Tummy Tuck

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Hello and thank you for your question.

You mentioned your BMI being 39. The risk of complications greatly increases with BMI over 30, so if you came to see me, I would recommend weight loss before any procedure. Once you have lost the proper amount of weight, you will need a tummy tuck (if not a circumferential procedure) to contour the midsection. .

Best of luck to you

TT or Lipo?

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Definefly a TT, Lipo would not work at all, typically TT start around. 8-10,000 and that is really your only option, good luck!

Lipo or Tummy Tuck Choice

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Don't be discouraged by the finances. Another option exists for you.

Consider a simple panniculectomy. While it does not involve lipo and is not a classic tummy tuck, it will provide some improvement to your contour and the way your clothes fit at a fraction of the cost........not to mention the boost to your self image!

It also doesn't burn any bridges in case you find it easier to afford a more extensive body contouring procedure later.

Be well and good luck!

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