Family history of breast cancer on father's side.

Why have three doctors seemed very concerned with my father's side has had cancer (including my father).? When other women explain their family history from the mom's side and barely get a raised eyebrow? I'm considering having a preventative bilateral mastectomy due to their reactions. Would this be stepping to far or just a smart move?

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Risk reduction mastectomy

in the absence of a personal history of breast cancer, usually you would not be considered for prophylactic mastectomy unless you had a type of gene mutation called BRCA 1 or 2. With a family history of male breast cancer (a finding that is at increased risk for that) you would normally test that relative for BRCA or if they were dead, you would test his children.
There's a number of other risk factors for whom might be at increased risk for having BRCA where they'd be tested like age

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