Why did my breasts shrink so much?

I have had three live births. First two were 22 months apart, and the third was 4 years after my second. I was a 22DD before, 22D after my first, 24C after my second and now barely a 26A after my third. I breast fed my first but had complications for the last two. It seems my skin is still shaped for at least a D due to a look of deformity. How did this happen!?! I've heard of women losing a cup per child after breast feeding, but never this dramatic. Please someone explain this. Thank you.

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Many Different Reactions to Breasts After Childbirth

Dear thorsdemon, We see all sorts of reactions to a woman’s breasts after childbirth. Most commonly, the breasts remain the same size or become smaller. Once in a while, a woman will see her breasts enlarge. There is no way to predict this ahead of time. It just happens. I hope this has been helpful. Robert D. Wilcox, MD

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Can Be Normal

Postpartum breast atrophy is a mystery,  There isn't a good explanation for it.   It seems to me to represent 20% to 30% of women after pregnancy.  I have seen women who have lost breast  volume after each pregnancy.  Generally, a breast augmentation, and perhaps lift, restores the volume that is lost.

R. McIntyre Bridges, MD
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Breast changes

The hormonal changes with pregnancy can have different effects on each person.  Breast feeding can use the fat of the breast to produce milk, causing the breast to atrophy.  It sounds like you got a more profound change than most but the changes are still "normal".

John Dean, MD
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