My first treatment, is this even working? Hair started to grow next day normally

First treatment Back hair, so hair started to grow next day same color same thickness, same density. Is it working? do i have to wait 1-2 weeks to see effects like hair "falling out" ? Next treatment is in 6 weeks, on my second treatment will i immediately see difference next day after second treatment? i will take 4 treatments in total, i hope i won't have to take more than that. Please i need good answers, the trust,i was in depression for so long (cause of back hair.)

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You should begin to see more noticeable results following your next few treatments.

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Hello, and thanks for sharing your question. It can be frustrating to not see immediate results, but know that this is absolutely normal. Laser hair removal is a process that involves multiple treatment sessions because of the way that the technology works. The laser targets only the hair currently in its active growth phase, so there will be some follicles that do not get treated with each pass of the laser. That's why more than one treatment is needed. Try to be patient with your results, and work with your laser technician to determine how many sessions might yield the best results for you, as everyone's experience can be slightly different. Best of luck to you!

Expectations of Laser Hair Removal

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The amount of hair that falls out after each treatment can vary. Laser hair removal is done when the hair is in its growth phase. An area with a faster growth (like bikini area) can be treat every 4 weeks. An area with longer growth cycle (like the back) can be treated every 6-8 weeks. Continue your treatment to see maximum results

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Laser Hair Removal expectations

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Laser hair removal damages the follicle the hair grows from, it does not pluck the hair out instantly. Hair on the back cycles more slowly than that on the face, sometimes we wait 8 weeks before retreating. The hair will gradually exfoliate out, and if the follicle is dead a new hair will not grow in behind the ones that fell out. In a few weeks you will see this as patchy bare spots.

4 sessions is optimistic, it usually takes 5 to 8.


Lisa Vuich, MD

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