Hair laser ~ first treatment question

Hello, it's me again.. so sorry for asking 100 questions when i do my first treatment, will hair start to grow next day? or will it not grow for few days ? weeks? i hope you understand what i'm trying to ask here I'm a male.

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Laser hair removal

Typically after a laser treatment for hair removal, you may see some mild swelling around the treatment area. The hair should be shaved as closely as possible prior to the treatment. The following day after treatment, you will notice normal growth of the hairs that are not in the treatment phase, but additionally the treated hairs will be "pushed" out as well and you may find that some come to the surface and "fall out". Continuing to shave makes it difficult to see the hairs fall out however, as they are washed away with normal shaving.

San Jose Physician
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Laser Hair Removal

You should shave as close as you can to the treatment areas.When the area is treated, the hair will not fall out right away. It takes a couple days or weeks for the hair to grow and push the hair out. 

Robert G. Aycock, MD, FACS
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Laser hair removal

You will notice hair growth immediately after treatment. It takes at least 3 treatments to start to see the effects of treatment. Just go through with the treatments and don't analyze after just one.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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