4-5 hair laser treatments, when done.

When i finish with 4-5 hair laser treatments and let's say hair grows a lot after 1 month, i did my first treatment and i noticed one thing, it's taking a lot of time for hair to grow back., so let's say after 4-5 treatments my hair grows back a lot in one month, can i go and wax my back? will it also grow slow? or that will change by waxing it? i heard that waxing hair makes hair grow faster, like when it starts growing, it won't for for 1-2 weeks, and when it starts it grows faster than normal

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Laser Hair Removal

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In between your treatments you can only shave and bleach your hair, you are not allowed to wax your hair. If you are done with laser treatment and did not accomplish desired results, you can either return to laser hair removal with different laser or provider or chose any other way to remove your hair. Waxing your hair will reverse the whole process that you attained with laser. Best of luck!

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