Born with congential ptosis in right eye: How can it be corrected? (Photo)

i hav congenital ptosis in my left eye because of which my eyes look uneven and unsymmetrical...and it is very easily visible..i have already been operated once when i was around 10...and now i m 21.... i want to get it corrected...bcoz of this i suffered so much depression ..plz help me out....

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A procedure called levator recession or resection can often correct congenital ptosis in one eye

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You need a consultation and examination by an ophthalmologist and a plastic surgeon who is experienced an oculoplastic surgery techniques.  The cause of your ptosis should be established and in many cases a simple oculoplastic procedure called levator resection or recession can be done.  Please see board certified plastic surgeon with special expertise in oculoplastic surgery.

Congenital eyelid ptosis

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  • Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Opthalmologist for a complete evaluation and surgical planning.
  • It will help if you can get a copy of the original surgical note describing your first operation. Best wishes.


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It is hard to make a correct diagnosis based on these pictures, physical examination and previous surgery notes are needed. 

Ali Totonchi, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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