What is the Recovery Period for a Breast Reduction & Lift?

I'm traveling to D.R for bbl and br.. I'm staying with a friend who will also have bbl. Will I be bed bound? Can I walk? We are both staying together in a hotel, can I care for myself, or Should I hire a nurse?

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Recovery Period for Breast Reduction & Lift

First, let me address the issue of travel. The Dominican Republic has been a hotspot for what's often called "plastic surgery tourism" for several years, especially for U.S. patients from Florida and elsewhere in the South, because of price. Accompanying the low costs, unfortunately, have been some major concerns about safety and quality. Although you may have selected an excellent surgeon, I would be remiss not to mention that you should be sure to research your options and not compromise safety for a good deal. Additionally, flying after a Brazilian butt lift may be difficult, because patients should generally avoid sitting for weeks after surgery. Another concern with traveling abroad is that your doctor will not be nearby for follow-up visits or in the case of complications. It would be wise to have a local doctor lined up in case you need advice or care after you return.
As far as your recovery goes, you and your friend may have trouble caring for yourselves in the first few days following your surgeries. Hiring a nurse might be wise to help you with medications, food, and showering. It's usually good for patients to start walking as soon as they can after their procedures to promote healing. Your doctor will give you specific instructions that you should follow very closely. Good luck with your surgery!

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What is the Recovery Period for a Breast Reduction & Lift?

Every breast reduction is actually a lift at the same time.  The breast is lifted and the amount of tissue is reduced.  Usually, people can drive in matter of few days, going back to office type work around 2-4 days, exercising should be around a month.

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Recoverying from a reduction and BBL...

is not easy as both your and your friend will find it hard to get up and around.  If hiring help is an option, it would be a good idea to do so for the first few days in your hotel.  As for specifics on recovery, your surgeon should be guiding you through that and should provide you the instructions before you leave for the DR.  Failing to do so would raise red flags as to whether your doctor will really be there for you should it be necessary.  Going abroad has its risks so you need to make sure your chosen surgeon will really take care of you until you are recovered enough to return to the States.  And realize if you have to see doctors here, you will be paying fees for every visit since they were not your surgeon.

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Breast Lift #cosmeticsurgery

Dear CurvaceousDiva

Thank you for your question!  Please make sure that your insurance will cover you in case of any problems after your surgery when you return home! Each surgeon will have a different guideline for recovery.  We have our patients up and about the same night and returning to normal activities the next day.

With Warm Regards,

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Breast Lift Recovery

Thank you for your question.   Unless you live in D.R., I would caution against surgery abroad.   There is often no protocol in place to handle complications or problems that arise after surgery.   Therefore, we find patients return to the states a few days to weeks after major surgery and then have major complications, for which they cannot get back for followup care.    

I would think through this incision and get the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon in your community also.   I wish you a safe recovery.

Dr. Gill

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If DR means Dominican Republic, I would be very concerned about your plans.  Ask yourself this simple question - who will care for you should you need extra help and care after your surgery?  And God forbid you experience a complication?   Its best you seek care with a board certified PS in your area.  Best wishes,

Dr. Basu

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Recovery time following a Breast reduction and BBL

Your plastic surgeon should be the one answering this question.  I would not expect that you will be capable of caring for yourself for the first few days.  Traveling thousands of miles for cosmetic procedures has its own risks.  Expect to get little to no help from a plastic surgeon at home if you develop a complication.   

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Recovery for breast reduction

I hope D. R. does not stand for Dominican Republic. The issue of medical tourism is huge and your experience could prove to be very problematic. Credentialing of the facility comes into question, level of care and certification of your surgeon, and who will take care of you after you come home if there are problems? Sorry to get on my soapbox, but I just hope DR is a place within the United States!

Recovery in the best of situations as long as you are a great candidate could be as short as 2 weeks to get back to routine, 4-6 weeks to get back to upper body exertion and physical exercise. You should be walking around soon after surgery is completed - not bed bound.

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Recovery from Brazilian butt lift and breast lift

Everyone heals differently, and probably it will take several days for you to get around fairly easily. Best to ask your surgeon.

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