I've Booked my Breast Enlargement for Early March but Want to Make Sure I'm Making the Right Decision for my Size and Shape?

5'4. Just under 8 stone, rather petite, hourglass figure. Size 10 bottoms, 6-8 top. Currently a 32a (barely) I want to achieve a full 32c. I don't think I have much breast tissue, but I'm not completely flat. My surgeon recommends 300cc silicone, over the muscle implants, however I don't want them to look at all fake or un-natural. I want to achieve the most natural looking, and natural feeling possible, with a great cleavage. Is this the best way to do that?

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Determining implant size

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Hello. The most important factors for determining the size of implants that could be used on a patient include width of the base of the breast, the size of your thorax and the amount of breast tissue and skin you have. You are small, and 300 seems like a reasonably size implant. The only thing I would disagree with would be the over the muscle placement of the implant. Under the muscle placement would look more natural and offer more support.


Jaime Perez, MD
Breast Augmentation Specialist
Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa

Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Little Tissue and Subglandular Augmentation?

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   If you have very little tissue, submuscular augmentation will obtain a more natural look with less chance of rippling.  300 cc will not move a small A to large C in even the smallest of frames.  Think more like 375 cc to 425 cc, but these are estimates made with very little information.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Proper size for full C

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At 5'4" and around 114 lbs you have a small frame.  To be a full C it will take around 350 to 400 cc to achieve that goal.  300 cc for a 32A will make you a small C.  Implants placed over the muscle on thin women always look fake.  When you are thin and have very little breast tissue(32A) its better to place the implant submuscular to look natural.  Implants above the muscle on thin women always look round and ball like.  Subglandular placement looks OK in the beginning but with time the ripples will show and the breasts will drop due to cutting of important supporting ligaments of the breast that are attached to the muscle.  The choice of implants, will also have a pronounced effect on the look, shape and cleavage.  You must choose a wide enough implant to have great cleavage.  You should measure your breast base diameter and try to select an implant that is close to the base diameter in order to have great cleavage.  Photos would be helpful to see what we are dealing with.  Thanks Dr. Chu

Benjamin Chu, MD, FACS
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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Pocket dissection, not size of implant is most important to getting natural result

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I would discuss your desires with your surgeon - your implant size is modest and you should be able to get a natural result - 300 cc may not give you a fullC, however.

Want to Make Sure I'm Making the Right Decision for my Size and Shape?

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There probably is a best way to accomplish your goals, but without photos and breast measurements, it is not likely that you will get any useful advice online. Please consider adding photos and an idea of breast width. I can say that most surgeons would recommend under the muscle implants. 

All the best.  

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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