Liposuction Safe For Me?

Hi doctors! I have always wanted to do liposuction. I am of good weight but have the lower stomach, back of arms, inner thighs problems that wont go with dieting and working out. I have seen my surgeon, had consultation, they did blood work which is fine but now i am having second thoughts. I have low blood pressure, i think 110/70 and also was diagnosed with sticky blood after having a few miscarriages! I am dying to have it done but scared! what do you advice me to do?

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Safety of Surgery

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All surgery has some risks. The best you can do is pick a qualified Plastic Surgeon who works in a certified facility and get clearance before surgery by your doctor and, in your case, a hematologist. Liposuction causes many fluid shifts and requires that the surgeon understand all this and that you are in a facility that has all possible safety modalities available. Ask for certification in Plastic Surgery and if the proposed facility is certified. Your blood pressure may be normal. This needs to be evaluated by your own physician who has followed you for some time. As for the “sticky blood,” this may be a problem or nothing at all. Your own doctor may be able to also evaluate this, or he/she may refer you to a hematologist (a blood specialist) to do so. If the doctor and facility are certified and you are cleared by whatever doctor you see, rest assured you have done all you can do to have a save, uneventful surgery

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