10 Years Post-op - Breasts Are Swollen and Painful

It has been well over 10 years since my breast augmintation procedure (under the muscle,saline,inserted throught the nipple.) In the last 3 months my health has gotten progressively worse. Headaches,chronic fatigue,redness in the eyes, swollen eyes and most importantly my breast have been swollen to the point where they hurt and are significantly larger. could a problem with my breast cause this? what should I do? what sign should I look for if there are problems? Thank you, Anna

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Breasts swollen

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It sounds like you are having a problem causing swelling in your tissues, and may not be related to your breasts. Your primary care physician needs to see you, and evaluate you for this.

If you had just large swollen implants with no other problems, then you would need to see a Plastic Surgeon for possible seroma, needing exploration.

See your Primary Care Physician

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Schedule an appointment with your PCP (Primary care Physician) to discuss all of your symptoms. Your PCP will be able to run the necessary tests to help you find a cause for your concerns. Best of luck!

Schedule a check up.

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Schedule a check up with your doctor.  These symptoms sound like something other than problems with your implants but an exam and mammogram are necessary to diagnose.

Breast augmentation and symptoms

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There are no research studies suggesting that having breast implants causes the symptoms you describe, I would go see a medical doctor to be worked up for your condition.

Unhappy with breasts

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It sounds like you may have a health problem. I would consult with an internist in your area for a diagnosis. Breast implants should not be causing swelling esp this long after your procedure.

Swollen breasts 10 years after augmentation

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You are describing multiple symptoms in addition to the swelling in your breasts. There are many disease processes which can lead to these types of symptoms. I recommend that you make an appointment with your primary care physician and be honest about your concerns and your issues. Keeping a notebook with a record of when you have your symptoms may also help your physician in identifying a cause.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Please see your doctor

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Please call your surgeon to examine you. You did not provide information about the mammogram and your age. The symptom that you describe are non-specific and you should have full examination and mammogram.

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