Why is My Boob Job Getting Smaller?

I had my boobs done about 2 years and 6 months ago it looked perfect, the perfect size. But about 2 months ago ( both boobs) until today I noticed it’s getting smaller and very, very soft. PS: The bra I was using no longer fits me because my boobs got smaller. What should I do or what could be causing this? Please help me.

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If you have saline implants it sounds likely that you may have had a deflation of both implants. I would recommend seeing your surgeon to have this evaluated.

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Breasts getting smaller two years after implants placed--what to do?

Unless you have lost weight in the past several months you noticed the change in your breasts, the only conceivable cause would be (bilateral) loss of implant volume. This cannot occur with silicone, so you must have saline, and have developed leaks and gradual deflation in both. Although this is rare, especially both at the same time, but it is possible. I have had several patients puncture their implants, hoping to get "free" new ones from the manufacturer. Each implant company carefully examines each "leaking" implant under the microscope, and can tell if an implant has a defect, gradual damage from flexing of the shell (more common in textured implants, and under-filled implants), or if it was punctured externally.

You need to go see your surgeon for examination and recommendation! Good luck!

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Why is My Boob Job Getting Smaller?

if you have saline, it could be they have a leak.  Another alternative is weight loss, if you have lost weight, your breasts will get smaller too.  You need an in person evaluation.

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Why is boob job getting smaller

I doubt you have deflation. Either you have lost some weight or sometimes saline implants lose a little bit of volume with time. this can be noticeable in a slim person. go see your surgeon

Jonathan Saunders, MD
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Why is My Boob Job Getting Smaller?

Bilateral deflation? I doubt but anything is possible. Seek in person evaluation with a boarded PS in your area, ASAP. 

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Changing breast size after augmentation

The only way the breasts can be changing 2 years after your augmentation would be if you had bilateral saline deflations (unlikely!) or if your own breast tissue is thinning out.  Have you lost weight or are exercising more so your body fat is lower ? as this could explain it.  Go see your plastic surgeon for an exam.

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Smaller breasts

After breast augmentation, your natural breast tissue does get thinner over time.  But a noticeable difference is most likely a saline deflation - this is usually fairly obvious.  Good luck!

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Breast are getting smaller after augmentation

The only ready explanation is that your breast implants were saline, and both failed and began to leak at the same time. Even this scenario after 2 to 3 years after augmentation is unlikely. Better see your surgeon.

Best of luck,


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Implant May Have Leak or Weight Loss

Anytime a patient has had breast implants for a year or more, and the size then changes, the reason is usually due to either weight changes or a change in the implant itself.  If they are saline implants, then they may have lost some fluid, especially if they are softer feeling.  If you have lost some weight, this can then make them appear smaller as well.  The best thing to do is to see your plastic surgeon and let them examine you.  Only at that point will you know what is going on. I hope this helps.

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Smaller Breasts After Augmentation

It would have been helpful to have had more information (weight loss, type of implant, etc.).  If you have sustained a significant weight loss, this could be the cause.  If you have saline implants, they may have a tear leading to a full or partial deflation (although it would be unusual to have this occur bilaterally at the same time).  You should check with the surgeon who performed your surgery who is probably best equipped to answer your question.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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