One Boob is Bigger, 2 Weeks Post Breast Aug? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 2 weeks ago.. before the doctor said that the right was slightly bigger (not even big enough for me to notice) He ended up putting a 480 implant filled to 500cc's in the right breast and 510 implants filled to 570cc's in the left. But the right is still WAY bigger. What does this mean? what are the chances it will stay like this? What would I have to do to get this fixed? I'm soo stressed..please help!

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Asymmetry after breast augmentation

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It is common for breasts to be swollen differently after surgery so have some patience and try to not stress out. Typically, breasts are not exactly symmetrical and surgery cannot achieve perfect symmetry. Distinctions in swelling can be due to more bleeding on one side than on the other, positional issues, etc. and do not necessarily reflect the ultimate outcome of the procedure. don't think about needing anything fixed right now; allow the healing to progress, continue to followup with your plastic surgeon and gie it time. Best of luck.

"My breasts are asymmetric after breast augmentation"

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During the first several weeks after breast augmentation surgery there will be some swelling and possible bruising.  It is not unusual for your breasts to be asymmetric during this initial time after surgery.  One breast may be a little more swollen than the other.  This should improve over time. At this point there is no reason to be worried or to stress out.  Give your body some time to recover.  It is also important to remember that your breast will never be identical and that every patient will have some degree of asymmetry.


In regards to the volume of the implants: each saline implant has a range in which the implant can be filled.  A 480cc implant can be filled up to 510cc. A 510cc implant can be filled to 540cc but it is not unusual to overfill the implant by 10%.  One implant may feel a little more firm than the other, but the difference in the diameter of the implants is negligible. 

Michael Zarrabi, MD
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Asymmetry

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I am sorry you are experiencing problems so early after you breast surgery.  It is still early after your surgery, and things may not appear as they seem.  It is very difficult to assess the nature of the problem, if there is one, without seeing photographs, or best, a physical examination.

Judging from how he filled your implants, he had difficulty achieving symmetry during your surgery.  The right implant was filled less than the ideal volume for it's designed capacity, making it wider and flatter than it was intended to be.  The left implant was filled more than its ideal volume, making it narrower, more projecting, and harder than it was designed to be.  These issues alone can create differences that can make it difficult to assess overall volume discrepancies with you breast. 

If you feel comfortable, you should just listen to you surgeons advice.  If you do not, you should seek a second opinion.  In the right circumstances, it may be appropriate to reoperate early.

Best of luck.

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven breasts two weeks after the operation

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In truth, each breast augmentation is a separate operation. It is easy to do each operation--the difficult part is getting them to match. Nonetheless two weeks is not long enough to allow the swelling to resolve and the implants to settle. I would wait at least four months and then reevaluate to see what changes may need to be taken. Try not to let it bother you too much until then. All the best.

Uneven breasts

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Thank you for the question. You are still very in the post operation recovery stage. It is not uncommon to feel pain, swelling and asymmetries during this period. Breasts do heal at different rates.  It usually takes about 8-12 weeks for the wounds to heal and around 4-6 months for the implants to fully settle. It would be best to visit your board-certified plastic surgeon and get a full assessment for your concern. Best of luck. Dr. Michael Omidi.

An in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to assess your needs and provide true medical advice.

Michael M. Omidi, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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One Boob is Bigger, 2 Weeks Post Breast Aug?

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Thanks for the posted photo. Causes of early asymmetry are as follows: 1. implant cc difference was not correctly determined. 2. the implants were confused and switched. 3. either seroma or hematoma has occurred. Seek in person evaluation and revisional surgery. 





Breast asymmetry

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Breast asymmetry is common pre-op. As for your photo, it is hard to say why it looks so much different. It could be from preop asymmetry, a hematoma, seroma, or just swelling. Follow closely with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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One breast is bigger! (photo)

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Are you sure the 570 isn't the larger one?  Breast asymmetry to one degree or another is the rule rather than the exception.  Still, your concerns are justified.  Please raise these questions with your surgeon.  If the smaller side represents a deflating implant, it will continue to do so.  If the larger side is seroma or hematoma, this will be apparent with exam and/or imaging (ultrasound).  Really difficult to guide you, except to advise follow up with your surgeon, without knowing more, examining you, and observing your course over time.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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