What is This Bony Hump on my Bridge Post-rhinoplasty?

My profile was perfect just after rhinoplasty. But now, at three months after rhinoplasty, I've begun to notice a bump on my bridge. It's very hard and bony, and ruined the perfection of my nose. Is this a callous? How big can these get? I'm afraid I'm going to end up looking deformed. Please help.

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Hump on bridge following rhinoplasty

Hello, and sorry to hear about the issue that developed with your bridge. It is difficult to give you advice without seeing photos or performing an examination. What did you have performed during your initial surgery? A callus can sometimes form when:

1) Osteotomies are performed, and the callus develops as a result of the healing of the bones
2) There is a fragmentation of bone following rasping of a nasal hump

The size of a callous can vary depending on the patient and how they heal. Don't worry, the issue can likely be improved. I would recommend seeing your surgeon for a follow-up. I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck.

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Sometimes rhinoplasty profile needs to be over-corrected.


Your story is not unusual.  Internal scar tissue can grow.  You will see the final result in another three months.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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