Is redness by incision ok? (photos)

I am 2 days post op and there is a lot of swelling on my left breast with redness.bis this normal?

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Redness post aug

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This is not normal and you should monitor your temp and see your plastic surgeon as soon as you can.

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Is redness by incision ok?

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NO! This is a urgent issue that needs immediate care by the surgeon!!!!!!!!!////////////////////////////////

Is redness by incision ok?

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 I would share your concerns about the area of redness and would
 recommend that you communicate with your surgeon regarding your concerns.
Best wishes.

Redness around incision

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This would be a question best asked in person to your plastic surgeon. That shade and amount of redness is not usually what I see, and it is worthwhile making a personal visit for an examination. The main worries of course are an allergic reason or possibly bleeding, both of which would need to be treated sooner rather than later. Infection 2 days after surgery is pretty unusual. 

Tracy Kayan, MD
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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