Last October I had replacement implants put into the old pockets. What should I expect ?

Now I have a hard ridge under my right breast. Very easy to feel. No doubt about it. It's kinda lumpy. Have had discomfort in both breast. Left Breast is lower than the right side,but only slightly. What should I expect ....what can the specialist do?

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4 months post replacement

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This ridge may just be some scar tissue which is not abnormal at 4 months and heat and massage may help.also put a gauze or sponge whtever in the breast that is lower to raise it up when you wear your bra and wear it 24/7 to see if you can elevate it.

Implant revision results with discomfort.

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It seems like you are ready to revisit with your plastic surgeon to discuss your surgical outcome and options. Without an examination and consultation, it is not possible to evaluate your needs.

At 4 months, this is a good time to see if anything can be done to help improve your result....

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Last October I had replacement implants put into the old pockets. What should I expect ?

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Very hard to respond without in person examination to your exact issues. Seek these appoitmemnts....

Post revision breasts

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Thanks for question but really hard to answer without an exam or at least pictures.  I presume the ridge is scar tissue but can't given great advise over the internet on that.  Best to really get checked out by your surgeon.  It sounds like its been over 4 months so your result should be pretty final.  
What can be done is always dependent on the problem.  There are definitely many options to fix some of the stuff you're describing but start but talking to your surgeon.  Good luck.

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