Bones in the Nose Moved (Havnt Had Surgery)

I have a bony bump on the left side of my nose and it's only on the left side so I was wondering maybe the nose bones have moved down. I have only noticed this a couple of months ago and my nose had been normal for my whole life. When I run my fingers up on the right side of my they go straight up till they reach the bone, but when I do it on the left side my finger goes straight and then turn inwards to the right. I have been told it's not fractured, what could I do to fix this issue. I'm 18.

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Bump in nose

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Something doesn't add up.  You must have knocked, been knocked, bumped or had something run into your nose to cause the nasal bone to deflect outward.  An active 18 year old may have not thought much of the impact but it did indeed break your nasal bone or it wouldn't be deflected.  If it doesn't change after 9 months, you would need to have a Rhinoplasty to break the bone, movingh it back to the midline.

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