What bones in my face are causing these lines or shades? (Photo)

I understand by comparing to people around me that I have something unusual going on with my nose bone or something in that area. I don't know what bone is causing these lines next to my nose/under my eyes, but they are very much bothering me and would like to know what kind of plastic surgery I should research for this problem. I'm satisfied with my nose itself, so I don't really want to change the nose, but I'm guessing these lines are connected to how my nose is built. What can be done?

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What bones in my face are causing these lines or shades? (Photo)

The groove is caused by a ligament that attaches to the skin at one end and the bone at the other. when the bone shrinks ( age related) the ligament tugs on the skin. Dermal Fillers done by an expert is your best bet.
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Eye lines

  • The photo suggests that the problem may be excess fat of the lower lid causing the shadow,
  • See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to evaluate your eyes and nose to determine the problem and correct it. Best wishes.

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